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kiriban: 25,000 | digital chibi/halfbody
PB Turquoise - Starting by Oceannist - not started
PB Turquoise - Sketching by Oceannist- sketch
PB Turquoise - Inking by Oceannist- lineart
PB Turquoise - Coloring by Oceannist- coloring
PB Turquoise - Shading by Oceannist- shading
PB Turquoise - Finished by Oceannist- done~!
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hello //hit
i just want to do a tag and then i'll go to sleep.
so yeah.

Tagged by: :iconkastrea: /ye/

1.) What's your name, who are you, and how old are you?
i'm Haru, i'm a boy..?? and i'm 17 (almost 18)
2. ) Interesting! What species are you?
i'm just a human.
3.) Continuing on... what are your likes and dislikes?
i don't know... i can't decide
4.) Awesome! Here's a VERY interesting question... do you have anyone special in your life currently? A crush? A lover?
5.) Awww!!! ^.^ Do you love him/ her?
6.) Here's an easy and classic question! What's your favorite color?! >.<
i like black.
7.) What are your hobbies?! What do you like to do for fun, huh?!
sleeping-- and reading books
8.) Wow!!! ^.^ Do you have any special skills?! What are your special skills?!
i don't have any.
9/10.) Maybe that's something I shouldn't of asked, here's your final two individual questions for today... do you have any pets and what is your dream for the future?
i don't have, but i want to have a cat. in my future i want to go to the college, or something.

Here are the rules:
1.) Choose one of your OCs, and he/she must answer them truthfully .
2.) Don't think and answer it like you would, but how your OC would... keep that in mind!!! ^.^
3.) The journal title should be "OC Interview Questionnaire" exactly.      
4.) When you're done, make sure to tag at least 5 different people. </s> no
5.) Your OC doesn't have to be an UTAU, it can be any character that belongs to you and only you!!! ^.^
6.) The most important rule? Of course, have FUN with it and ENJOY yourself!!! ^.^

NIE TAGUJĘ NIKOGO. cieszcie się.
9 by crinuyi
collab with Blekitne-oko, this time i made sketch&lineart and she colored it w
searching for the proper time loop by crinuyi
searching for the proper time loop
school doesn't give me a time to draw digitally, so here's a doodle (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) sorry for spamming your inbox /cough cough
ID 9 by crinuyi
ID 9
New ID.
Thank to Gabu Blekitne-oko for a sketch  (´ー`)ノ♥
dragonfly gijinka by crinuyi
dragonfly gijinka
I like this one (especially it's traditional work and I shade it properly..I think).


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★ polski | english
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